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Maryland Spa Rules Sign

Maryland Spa Rules Sign
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Spa Rules: Risk Of Fetus Damage – Hot Water Exposure Limitations Vary From Person To Person. Pregnant Women And Small Children Should Not Use Spa Prior To Medical Consultation, Risk Of Child Drowning – Unsupervised Use By Children Is Prohibited. Children Must Be Accompanied By An Adult, Risk Of Drowning – Elderly Persons Or Anyone Under A Physician’S Care And Those Persons Suffering From Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Or Low Blood Pressure And Other Health Problems Should Not Enter The Spa Without Prior Medical Consultation And Permission From Their Doctor, Risk Of Drowning – Do Not Use The Spa While Under The Influence Of Alcohol, Anticoagulants, Antihistamines, Vasoconstrictors, Vasodilators, Stimulants, Hypnotics, Narcotics, Tranquilizers, Or Other Drugs That Cause Sleepiness, Drowsiness, Or Raise/Lower Blood Pressure, Risk Of Drowning – Do Not Use When Bathing Alone. Persons Should Spend No More Than (15) Minutes In The Spa Area At Any One (1) Session. Overexposure To Hot Water May Cause Nausea, Dizziness, And Fainting. Lower Water Temperatures Are Recommended For Extended Use (Exceeding 10-15 Minutes) And For Young Children., Risk Of Injury – Before Entering The Spa, Check Spa Temperature. The Spa Temperature Shall Not Exceed 104 ° F,Risk Of Injury – Enter And Exit Slowly, Risk Of Injury – Keep All Breakable Objects Out Of The Spa Area. Bottles, Crockery, Glassware, And Other Hazardous Objects Are Prohibited In The Spa Area And On The Deck Area, Risk Of Shock – Never Place Electrical Appliances Within Five Feet Of The Spa, Risk Of Shock – The Spa Will Not Be Operated During Severe Weather Conditions, I.E. Electrical Storms, Tornadoes, Etc., Risk Of Disease – Persons Having Or Reasonably Suspected To Have Any Considerable Area Of Exposed Sub-Epidermal Tissue, Cuts, Or Known Or Recognizable Contagious Or Communicable Disease, Cough, Cold, Open Sore, Blisters, Bandaged Wound, Fever, Inflammation Of The Eyes, Nasal Or Ear Discharge, Are Not Allowed To Enter The Spa Water. Spitting, Urinating, Blowing The Nose, Or Depositing Foreign Matter In The Spa Is Prohibited, Maximum Spa Occupancy: ____
  • Code of Maryland Regulations
  • OSHA 1910.1200(c)
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The Maryland Spa Rules Sign has informational messages for property and swimming policy concerns. The Maryland Spa Rules Sign is a useful tool to help protect the health and safety of others in pool and swimming areas, and is not a substitute for necessary protective measures for lessening or eliminating hazards.This sign complies with COMAR

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F. Safety Signs. An owner of a public pool or spa shall ensure that:

(2) A spa safety sign is posted in a permanent location adjacent to a spa in compliance with the American National Standard for Public Spas



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