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Buckle Up Signs

Buckle Up Seat Belt Signs

Did you know that 10% of teenagers recently polled by the Center for Disease Control admitted to not wearing their seatbelts? That's approximately 2.1 million people! Considering that traffic accidents are the leading cause of death amongst teenagers, at SafetySign.com we believe that posting Buckle Up Signs is essential to the general public welfare. Admittedly, adults like teenagers don't wear Seatbelts, which is why it is important to remind drivers of all ages to Buckle Up with Buckle Up Seat Belt Signs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Seat Belts save society an estimated $50 Billion in medical care, lost productivity and other injury related costs. Reminding people to wear their Seat Belts with Buckle Up Signs not only saves lives; it saves dollars. Although 83% of the drivers on the road are using seat belts, remind the other 17% that their lives matter with one of our Buckle Up Signs below.

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