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Sign Maintenance FAQ

The information below applies only to signs covered with anti-graffiti overlaminate. Following these instructions on a sign not laminated with anti-graffiti material may result in permanent damage to the sign

What cleaning solution can I use on my signs with anti-graffiti overlaminate?

  • Cleanup is simple. Many stains can be efficiently removed from the protective overlay film with a simple detergent washing. For tougher graffiti, several products designed specifically for graffiti removal work exceptionally well, see list below.
  • To remove normal dirt accumulation from signs, use a soft cloth and mild detergent and water solution followed by thorough water rinse
  • Before using any cleaning materials, read and carefully follow product label use and safety instructions. Test the cleaner on a small area of the sign to determine its suitability and to be sure it does not cause any unwanted results or damage to the performance of the sign. Avoid the use of formulations containing strong polar solvents such as ketones (acetone, methyl ethyl ketone) or methylene chloride (dichloro methane) and other chlorinated solvents.
  • An industrial cleaner with citrus base can be effective for removal of common types of defacement such as from permanent marking pens, eggs, and stickers. A solvent such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA), or a 50/50 blend of IPA and xylene can be effective in removing paints and lacquers.

Stains and Cleaning Solutions Table

Stain Type Dry Cloth Detergent
and Water
Isopropyl Alcohol or
Household Cleaner
Citrus Based or
Industrial Cleaner
Ballpoint pen Ink   Yes   Yes
Crayon     Yes  
Coffee Yes      
Juice Yes      
Grease     Yes  
Spray Paint     Yes Yes
Permanent Marker Yes   Yes Yes

Removing Permanent Marker & Spray Paint (Graffiti)

Using isopropyl alcohol or a household cleaner, spray the stain and let it sit for approximately 1-2 minutes.
Take a soft, clean and dry cloth and buff out the stain using firm pressure and a smooth, steady motion.
If the entire stain has not been removed, repeat the steps until it is gone.

Health and Safety

  • When handling any chemical products, read the manufacturers' container labels and the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for important health, safety and environmental information.

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