Permanent asphalt, cement or concrete mix for hole filling or repair
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An all season, all weather, permanent cold asphalt patching material consisting of a unique blend of special polymers, pressure sensitive plastics, and ¼” grade angular aggregate.

Permanent asphalt, cement or concrete mix for hole filling or repair

Can be applied in any weather condition in temperatures ranging from -5° to 105° F







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Product Information


30 lb. Pail for Asphalt, Cement and Concrete Coarse Mix

Perma-Patch is poured, ready to use, directly from the bag—no mixing, no tack coat. The repair area requires no special preparation—remove any large/loose aggregate, pour product in (overfill by ½″ - ¾″), spread out evenly with rake or shovel, and compact using a hand tamper, vibrating plate compactor, or the pressure of passing traffic. After compaction, the repair area is ready for immediate traffic.

Curing: Perma-Patch is unique in that it becomes hard on the surface from dynamic pressure, while remaining semi-soft underneath. This permits it to expand and contract with the changes in pressure and temperatures. Because of its special formula, Perma-Patch remains semi-pliable underneath—acting like a mini-expansion joint, while creating a water tight seal on the surface. The higher the volume of traffic over Perma-Patch, the faster it sets up. Perma-Patch also has excellent bonding strength allowing it to form to the contours of the pothole to prevent further degradation of the surrounding pavement through elimination of water penetration.

Perma-Patch was independently rated the No. 1 permanent cold applied patch repair material by the Federal government in their Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) study with the lowest failure rate. All other products tested had failure rates 30%-70% higher.

Perma-Patch is an all-weather, all season, asphalt patching material. It can be used directly in dry, damp, or water filled potholes equally as shallow as 1/4 inch. Permanently bonds to surfaces like asphalt, concrete, steel, and wood. Perma-Patch will not bond to rubber tires and accepts immediate traffic.

The images below show a bag - we sell the 30 lb. pail, the application is the exact same. The advantage of the pail it is lighter in weight.

  • 2 brackets plus sign mounting hardware
  • Side and front views of the bracket mounted on round post
  • 2 brackets plus sign mounting hardware
  • Side and front views of the bracket mounted on round post
  • Environmentally Friendly: Yes
  • All Season Use: Yes
  • All Weather Use: Yes
  • Curing Time: Once compacted, area is ready for traffic
  • Bond Surfaces: Asphalt, Concrete, Steel, Wood, and other hard surfaces
  • Bond Type: Permanent

Technical Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Perma-Patch
  • Temperature Application Range: -5° to 105° F
  • Minimum Depth: ¼″
  • Shelf Life: Minimum of 2 years
  • Material Color: Black
  • Weight: 30 lb / 13.6 kgs
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 9.5 inches
  • Container Type: Pail
  • Quick Calculator: 4 Pails Cover 1 cubic foot
  • Flash Point: 250° F

Two Step Coverage Calculator:

  • Length(ft) x Width(ft) x Depth(in) / 12 = cubic feet
  • Cubic Feet x 4 = number of Pails needed for your job
  • Perma-Patch Pothole repair calculator

Application Instructions

  1. Perma-Patch is used for repairing potholes and utility cuts in highways, roads, streets, parking areas, driveways and bridge decks. Perma-Patch adheres to steel and is used for repairs around manholes and drainage grates.
  2. Perma-Patch is ready for use from the bag. No mixing or tack coat is required as Perma-Patch acts as its own adhesive. Pour directly from the bag or container into the pothole.
  3. Perma-Patch can be used at all times of the year and in all weather conditions from below 0° to above 105°F, wet or dry.
  4. Perma-Patch displaces water and may be poured directly into potholes containing standing water.
  5. Small loose aggregate can be left in place. Large loose aggregate should be removed.
  6. Use Perma-Patch instead of hot mix asphalt for repairs of utility cuts and cable trenches for longer lasting repairs.
  7. Allow traffic to immediately drive over a Perma-Patch repaired pothole – the more traffic, the faster the setup time.
  8. Perma-Patch is packaged in weather resistant wet strength multi-ply bags, but should be stored in a dry area to prevent deterioration of the packaging. If a bag does get wet, the bag will regain 90% of its strength when it dries out.
  9. Clean tools with soy based cleansers or with solvents like kerosene and mineral spirits (paint thinner).
  10. Do not apply heat to Perma-Patch or use kerosene, mineral spirits (paint thinner), or any other solvents in the application and use of Perma-Patch.
  11. Areas patched with Perma-Patch can be resurfaced like any other pavement.

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