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Facing Bullies and Violence in Schools

Posted by Todd | Comments Off on Facing Bullies and Violence in Schools
According to a new report by UNICEF, 150 million teens globally reported that they’d been bullied in the past month or been in a physical altercation in just ...
Bully Free Zone Sign

Citywide Handicap Parking Abuse

Posted by Todd | Comments Off on Citywide Handicap Parking Abuse
A recent investigation into handicap parking abuse in downtown Boston has lead a city leader to call for a repeal to the state law that allows drivers with ...
Massachusetts Accessible Parking Sign
Deer Crossing Sign

Deer Collisions Rise During Fall

As we approach fall, it’s important to remember how costly and dangerous collisions with deer can be. Insurance claims for animal collisions rise dramatically in the fall when it’s deer mating season. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) estimates that more than 1.5 million deer-vehicle ...
speed limit 15 mph sign

School Zone Safety – Nearly 200 Tickets in Two Days

Don’t Exceed The Speed Limit Last week we wrote about an increase in police presence near school zones. At that particular time of writing, school had just started and enforcement operations were also underway. This week, Ottawa Police Service shocked residents by revealing they handed out 187 violations over ...
Under 24 Hr Video Surveillance Sign

Cathedral Partners With Police to Stop Crime

Gloucester Cathedral, which dates back to 678 AD, was recently granted planning permission to install 17 CCTV cameras and video surveillance signs after a “significant” increase in local crime. In order to reduce “anti-social” behavior that includes theft, damage, and public drunkenness, the cathedral is ...
School Zone Sign

Cracking Down on School Zone Speeding

School Zone Sign School is back in session and that means police will be enforcing school zones a lot more closely. Enforcement operations generally occur during rush hour, but you should be on the lookout for children regardless of whether or not you see police officers patrolling the area. When school is in ...
I love NY highway sign

NY to Lose Millions over I Love NY Signs

Welcome to NY Sign If you’ve been on any New York State highways or roads lately, you’ve probably seen the big, blue “I love N.Y.” signs. They’re pretty hard to miss and that is causing controversy. From Long Island to Buffalo, the state installed more than 500 tourism signs. Now they’re at the center of ...
Shipping and Receiving Sign

Welcome to the Shipping Container Hotel

When it comes to durable, heavy duty shipping containers, the assumption can be made that most people don’t automatically think of hotel living and luxurious accommodations. That’s all about to change though. These rectangular structures are perhaps the most important mode of transporting goods around the world. ...
No Dumping Sign

Illegal Dumping in Wildlife Preserve Leads to Arrest

While it is never condoned, if you’re going to dump your trash somewhere, you should probably make sure it’s not in front of a video surveillance camera. Especially when the land your dumping on has No Dumping Signs and Video Surveillance Signs posted throughout the area. Nevertheless, some people never learn and ...
JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort

Lethal Scaffolding Collapse in Florida

Concept art for the JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort Early Wednesday morning, two construction workers in Florida fell to their deaths when the scaffolding they were working on collapsed – plunging the workers six stories. A third worker managed to hang on to the side of the building and climb to ...