Orange / White Left Object Marker

Orange / White Left Object Marker
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X4438-E9H LEFT
Delineator Design
White/Orange Left Striped Delineator
  • OSHA 1910.1200(c)
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Read about the EG Reflective change from 3M EGP Reflective to 3M Advanced Flexible Engineer Grade 7310.






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An Orange / White Left Object Marker has informational messages or images for traffic and pedestrian safety concerns. An Orange / White Left Object Marker is a helpful resource to help protect the health and safety on roadways, and is not a substitute for required protective measures for reducing or eliminating hazards.

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Product Information


Road Delineators

This sign follows the design guidelines specified in the MUTCD Standard for Parking and Traffic Signs

To view and print a PDF version of this page, click on this link: Delineators PDF →

To Learn about the Materials used in the making of this sign, refer to the Tab called "Material Descriptions..."

Sign Construction:

  • These signs are manufactured with rust free aluminum laminated with Engineering Grade Reflective (Type I).
  • Graphics are printed with translucent inks or applied vinyl graphics, opaque and translucent film. (Translucent ink or film is not applicable to the color black).
  • Aluminum will not chip, crack or rust. Aluminum signs will last longer than plastic or steel signs.
  • Hole configuration is illustrated below, signs are supplied with 2 holes at 3/8” dia. (top & bottom)
  • These signs have been designed for the following applications: post, fence or wall mounting.
  • These traffic signs do not have any overlamination.
  • Image / Text on signs is printed directly onto the signmaterial.
  • Printed image will resist fading and mild chemicals.

Regulatory & Commercial Delineators

  • Road delineators are light reflecting devices mounted along the side of a roadway intended to be used as guidance devices to indicate road alignment changes, rather than warning devices.
  • Street delineator color must conform to the color of the pavement edge line on the side of the road where the delineators are placed (MUTCD Section 3B.01 and 3B.04.)
  • Please note, different states may have different delineator posting requirements.
  • We carry the most popular color combination, Yellow/Black in 2 sizes (12 x 36" & 8 x 24") to comply with MUTCD, the other colors are for commercial, off-the-street use and are available only in 8 x 24".
Delineator Signs Configuration

Sign Mounting on U-Channel Post

What do you need when mounting delineators?

If you are mounting signs to a U-Channel Post, the following hardware accessories are required:

  • 1 U-channel post, sizes range from 4ft to 12ft, either Green or Galvanized finishes.
  • 1 Bolting set (Part # Y3465 or Y4899) set includes washers and bolts, or
  • 1 Tamperproof Set (Part# Y4900 or Y4901) set includes washers, one way bolts and break away nuts.
  • 1 Pair of Ribbed Plates (optional) Part# Y4915

Please follow the installation steps shown on the illustration.

U-channel Post Mounting

Click on the link to view Post Installation Guidelines →



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