Road Closed Ahead Roll-Up Sign
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Road Closed Ahead
Roll-Up Sign Design
The roll-up versions of this sign are provided with velcro strips around the word AHEAD to accomodate different overlay messages. Overlay size shown is 28 x 9″ for 48″.
  • MUTCD W20-3
  • NCHRP 350 Approved

Other configurations of this product are Temporary Traffic Control Signs and Flag Trees.


The roll-up signs are provided with a fiberglass crossbrace (1/4" thick vertical and 3/16" thick horizontal ribs), 4-heavy duty polycarbonate pockets, plus hook and loop for easy storage.
Also Available: MUTCD W20-3 Road Closed Ahead Rigid Sign X4730

Road Closed Ahead Roll-Up Sign

MUTCD W20-3 Available






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Product Information


Roll-Up Signs

A Road Closed Ahead Sign is designed to alert drivers that the road is closed ahead and they will need to find an alternate route to their destination. This orange Road Closed temporary traffic control sign is available in multiple size and reflective material options.

  • Roll-up sign material grades

Roll-up signs material grades

  • Fluorescent Non-Reflective Solid Vinyl signs are recommended for day time use only, this material is not MUTCD compliant when used at night.
  • Fluorescent Super Bright Reflective Vinyl signs are MUTCD compliant when used day or night.

  • Roll-up sign bracket compatibility

Roll-Up Sign Bracket Compatibility

  • Folded Roll-up sign

Roll-Up Sign Features

  • Unit Weight, without flags: 4 lb
  • Unit Weight, with flags: 5 lb
  • Storage Size: 4" x 4" x 50"

  • roll-up sign folding flags

Roll-Up Sign with Flag Assembly

Our folding flag system allows permanent attachment of two 18" fluorescent orange vinyl flags. Flags roll up with the sign for easy storage and fast deployment. Sliding clips quickly lock flags in their open position.

  • sign-blueprint-tn

Roll-Up Sign Plastic Corner Pockets

At 3/4" deep, the Delta Rib Pocket is designed to be easier to deploy than conventional pockets. Made of tough polycarbonate, it features increased strength and the smallest storage diameter in the industry.

Featuring a full depth design, rectangular pockets are typically used at the top and bottom of the sign. Made of tough polycarbonate, they will fit all pocket style sign holders.

  • Overlay size on 36

The image above shows the overlay size applicable to this legend for either the 36" or 48" sign.

  • sign-blueprint-tn

Overlay Option

Several of the roll-up signs on this website will have velcro added to specific words that allows for multiple messages to be displayed using a single roll-up sign. Overlays are made from the same material as the sign and come with velcro strips on the back.

  • Double-Spring Stand

Rigid Aluminum Signs


Rigid signs material grades

  • .080" Fluorescent Diamond Grade Work Zone Reflective Aluminum signs are MUTCD compliant when used day or night.

  • sign-blueprint-tn

Rigid Sign Bracket / Stand Compatibility

  • sign-blueprint-tn

Rigid Sign Features

  • Sign weight: 11 lb
  • Mounting holes: 2 holes at 3/8" diameter, positioned top and bottom
  • Rigid Aluminum Sign

MUTCD Compliance

2009 Edition Part 6 Figure 6F-2. Methods of Mounting Signs Other Than on Posts

The fourth example shows an orange diamond-shaped sign with a black border and letters with the words "UTILITY WORK AHEAD" in three lines mounted on a vertical pole that is mounted on four horizontal supports. The distance from the bottom of the sign to the bottom of the supports is labeled as "1 ft MIN. above the traveled way." At the top of the sign, three orange flags are shown mounted equidistant apart from each other on short staffs that extend out from the top of the vertical pole at 45-degree angles.

  • Methods of Mounting Signs Other Than on Posts



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