Heavy Duty Tripod Stand

MASH 2016 & NCHRP-350 Approved

Heavy Duty Tripod Stand
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  • NCHRP 350 Approved
  • MUTCD Mounting of Signs
  • Flag Trees
  • MASH 2016


Rigid brackets will support any rigid sign size. The roll-up bracket holds the sign by its horizontal rib (up to 1/4" thick), and will work with all roll-up sign types and sizes.

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The Heavy Duty Tripod Stand is an all-purpose powder coated steel three legged sign stand designed to hold 36" and 48" rigid signs. Roll-up signs can also be displayed with the purchase of the rigid and roll-up bracket option. This stand meets MASH 2016 and NCHRP-350 tests and features a telescoping mast and flagholder for 3 flags.

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Product Information


Tripod Sign Stand

Sign Mounting Options

Tripod Sign Stand Brackets

Model Number Leg Construction Sign Height* Roll-Up Sign Bracket Unit Open Footprint Unit Weight Unit Storage Size Sign Size Supported
X4704-RG Powder coated,
rugged square tubular steel construction.
12″ Rigid Sign Bracket 48 × 57″ 16 lb 4.5 × 8 × 57″ 36″ and 48″
X4704-RGRU Powder coated,
rugged square tubular
steel construction.
12″ Roll-up Sign Bracket 48 × 57″ 16 lb 4.5 × 8 × 57″ 36″ and 48″

* Sign Height: is measured from the ground to the bottom of the sign.

MUTCD compliant and NCHRP-350 approved.
Compact and lightweight design supports 36″ and 48″ Rigid and Roll-up signs.
Three pivoting legs and sliding mast with triple flagholder.
Legs and mast are made of 1-3/16″ square, 16 ga. steel tubing meeting the ASTM A500 standard.

Caution: Users must comply with all legal restrictions for temporary warning signs in accordance with the manual on uniform traffic control devices and local requirements. Please consult local enforcement agency for compliance.


Tripod stand with roll-up and rigid signs

Set-Up Instructions for Roll Up Signs:

  1. Release leg lock mechanism and lower legs to ground.
  2. Lift up on center upright until legs lock in place.
  3. Remove center mast extension and insert the mast extension into the roll up bracket.
  4. Insert the center mast extension with the roll up bracket back into the center mast.
  5. Set the mast and roll up bracket to the desired height and insert horizontal rib of roll up into the bracket.

MUTCD Compliance

2009 Edition Part 6 Figure 6F-2. Methods of Mounting Signs Other Than on Posts

The fourth example shows an orange diamond-shaped sign with a black border and letters with the words "UTILITY WORK AHEAD" in three lines mounted on a vertical pole that is mounted on four horizontal supports. The distance from the bottom of the sign to the bottom of the supports is labeled as "1 ft MIN. above the traveled way." At the top of the sign, three orange flags are shown mounted equidistant apart from each other on short staffs that extend out from the top of the vertical pole at 45-degree angles.

Methods of Mounting Signs Other Than on Posts



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