Tamper Resistant SignGuardian™ 10/24 Chain Link Fence Bracket

Tamper Resistant SignGuardian™ 10/24 Chain Link Fence Bracket
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For use with 1/4”, 7/32”, or 3/16” mounting holes.
Bracket Type: Chain Link Fence Bracket for use with 7/32" and 1/4" mounting holes

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The SignGuardian Chain Link Fence Bracket features 1-Way R bolts which help deter sign removal by requiring a special tool to install them. Theses brackets work with signs that have 1/4”, 7/32”, or 3/16” mounting holes.

The unique design allows each bracket to lock into the links of a 2” fence, making it tamper resistant once the securing screw is tightened down. Brackets are manufactured from tough Nylon 6/6 and includes stainless steel hardware for maximum durability and resistance.

This product is available as a package of 4 brackets and hardware for mounting one sign with 4 corner holes, or a package of 20 brackets and hardware for mounting five signs that each have 4 corner mounting holes.

Product Information


SignGuardian™ Tamper Resistant Fence Brackets

Attach your signs to any 2" chain link fence with our new SignGuardian™ brackets. These unique, patent pending, tamper resistant brackets are easy to install from one side of the fence and help prevent sign theft.

  • SignGuardian™ brackets are made of nylon 6/6, which is extremely strong.
  • Lock on Feature™ holds the SignGuardian™ securely to the fence mesh and it becomes tamper resistant once the sign or banner is installed.
  • Lock on Feature™ is inaccessible behind installed sign.
  • Nut is locked inside slot.

Installation Process when Mounting PARKING or TRAFFIC Signs to a fence:

Parking Sign Fence Bracket
These fence brackets are ideal for signs
with 4 holes (either 3/16" or 1/4" holes).
Parking Sign Fence Bracket
Make sure bracket comes with 10/24"
One Way bolting set.
Parking Sign Fence Bracket
Other tools required: Phillips and flat
head socket screwdrivers.
Parking Sign Fence Bracket
Position and mount 1 bracket to fence
(using Phillips screw driver). Mount sign
to bracket (using flat head screwdriver).



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