42" Channelizer Cone with 4 reflective bands and 16 lb. Base
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42" Channelizer with 4 (6") reflective bands and 16lbs rubber base. Comfortable hand support for lifting.

42" Channelizer Cone with 4 reflective bands and 16 lb. Base






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Product Information


42" Channelizer Cone Features

The function of channelizer cones is to warn road users of conditions created by work activities in the roadway. They can also be used for a variety of other short-term maintenance and utility work purposes.

Our Gorilla Grip Channelizer Cone is engineered to meet MUTCD standards for day, night and high speed roadway, and NCHRP 350/MASH requirements. The cone itself has four (6") High Intensity Reflective bands for increased night visibility. Also, this Channelizer Cone is specially formulated to provide the most comfortable gripping area with the right size grip cavity that ensures secure and safe grip even with wet muddy hands or gloves.

Additionally, the 16lbs hexagon rubber base is made of 100% post-consumer recycled tire rubber from used car and truck tires.

42" Reflective Cones are ballasted by a 16 lb Base. Simply drop the recycled rubber base over the cone stem and you’re ready to go to work.

  • 100% recycleable.
  • Dimensions are 49.4" height and 7.6" width.
  • Available with 4 bands (6") of HIP reflective sheeting.
  • Bright orange color molded throughout.
  • Bases are made from 100% recycled rubber.
  • Stackable with its reinforced handle design.
  • Engineered to meet MUTCD standards.
  • Meets NCHRP 350/MASH requirements.

Additional Features

  • Channelizer Cone Grip Cavity
    • Gorilla Grip - provides the most
      COMFORTABLE gripping area available.
    • Contoured finger grips ensure SECURE,
      Safe grip even with wet muddy hands.
    • "RIGHT SIZED" grip cavity provides ample,
      secure gripping even with gloves.
  • Channelizer Cone Base
    • 16 lb. hexagonal rubber base.
    • Made of 100% post-consumer recycled
      tire rubber from used car and truck tires.
    • Rubber Bases composite construction
      offers strength and durability.

Impact Resistant

  • Specially formulated polymers provide unequaled impact reboundability.
  • Heavy duty flange is reinforced to securely fit into the base.
  • Channelizer Cone Grip Cavity
  • Channelizer Cone Base

Size Specifications

 Channelizer Cone Dimensions

MUTCD Standard For Channelizing Devices


Tubular markers shall be predominantly orange and shall be not less than 450 mm (18 in) high and 50 mm (2 in) wide facing road users. They shall be made of a material that can be struck without causing damage to the impacting vehicle.

Tubular markers shall be a minimum of 700 mm (28 in) in height when they are used on freeways and other high-speed highways, on all highways during nighttime, or whenever more conspicuous guidance is needed.

For nighttime use, tubular markers shall be retroreflectorized. Retroreflectorization of 700 mm (28 in) or larger tubular markers shall be provided by two 75 mm (3 in) wide white bands placed a maximum of 50 mm (2 in) from the top with a maximum of 150 mm (6 in) between the bands.


Tubular markers should not be used for pedestrian channelization or as pedestrian barriers in TTC zones on or along sidewalks unless they are continuous between individual devices and detectable to users of long canes.

Tubular markers have less visible area than other devices and should be used only where space restrictions do not allow for the use of other more visible devices.

Tubular markers should be stabilized by affixing them to the pavement, by using weighted bases, or weights such as sandbag rings that can be dropped over the tubular markers and onto the base to provide added stability. Ballast should be kept to the minimum amount needed.


Tubular markers may be used effectively to divide opposing lanes of road users, divide vehicular traffic lanes when two or more lanes of moving motor vehicle traffic are kept open in the same direction, and to delineate the edge of a pavement drop off where space limitations do not allow the use of larger devices.

 Channelizer MUTCD standard

MUTCD Guidelines for Channelizing Devices



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