Warning No Lifeguard On Duty Sign

Warning No Lifeguard On Duty Sign
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Warning; No Lifeguard On Duty; Children Should Not Use Pool Without Adult Supervision
  • OSHA 1910.1200(c)
  • Shipping Declarations
  • TX Administrative Code


"NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY" is 4″ tall and all other text is at least 2″ tall. This sign is compliant with the following state codes: AL, AK, AR, CO, CT, FL, KS, LA, ME, MI, MS, NH, ND, OH, PA, TN, VA, WI, TX






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The Warning No Lifeguard On Duty Sign has informational messages for property and swimming policy concerns. The Warning No Lifeguard On Duty Sign is a useful tool to help protect the health and safety of others in pool and swimming areas, and is not a substitute for necessary protective measures for lessening or eliminating hazards. "NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY" is 4″ tall and all other text is at least 2″ tall.

Product Information


25 TAC § 265.201

(j) Signs for pools.

Figure 25 TAC §265.201(j)(5)
  1. Signs shall be in the pool yard, securely mounted as applicable, and readily visible to the pool user. Signs shall be posted within the pool yard unless otherwise stated within this subchapter.
  2. Sign panels shall be durable for the weather conditions. The message surface shall be clean and smooth and shall readily accept paint or precut lettering adhesives.
  3. Theming or artwork applied to signs shall not invade the message panel. Signs shall have a distinct border.
  4. Multiple signs may be used, or the messages may be combined on one sign.
  5. Safety signs for pools constructed on or after the effective date of this subchapter or safety signs that are replaced at pools constructed prior to the effective date of this subchapter shall be in compliance with Figure 25 TAC §265.201(j)(5).
  6. In areas of Texas where the majority of citizens are non-English speaking, in addition to signs in English, signs and other written warnings or information required by these standards may be posted in the predominant language.
  7. Variations of the language of the required safety signs in Figure 25 TAC §265.201(j)(5) are allowed if the language of the safety signs is substantially equivalent to the language in Figure 25 TAC §265.201(j)(5) and if local regulatory officials that regulate public swimming pools and spas approve the variations before the sign is posted in the pool yard.



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