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Diesel Fuel Oil (No. 2) GHS Sign

Diesel Fuel Oil (No. 2) GHS Sign
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Diesel Fuel Oil (No. 2) Danger Flammable Liquid And Vapor. Harmful If Inhaled. Causes Skin Irritation. May Be Fatal If Swallowed And Enters Airways. May Cause Drowsiness Or Dizziness. Suspected Of Causing Cancer. May Cause Damage To Thymus, Blood And Liver. Prevention Keep Away From Heat, Sparks, And Open Flames. – No Smoking. Keep Container Tightly Closed. Ground/Bond Container And Receiving Equipment. Use Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment, And Non-Sparking Tools. Take Precautionary Measures Against Static Discharge. Do Not Breathe Vapors. Wash Hands And Any Other Contaminated Skin Thoroughly After Handling. Wear Protective Gloves. Use Only Outdoors Or In A Well-Ventilated Area. Obtain Special Instructions Before Use. Do Not Handle Until All Safety Precautions Have Been Read And Understood. Response If Swallowed: Immediately Call A Poison Center Or Doctor. Do NOT Induce Vomiting. If Inhaled: Remove Person To Fresh Air And Keep Comfortable For Breathing. If On Skin (Or Hair): Take Off Immediately All Contaminated Clothing. Rinse Skin With Water/Shower And Soap, If Available. Wash Contaminated Clothing Before Reuse. If Skin Irritation Occurs. Get Medical Attention. If Exposed Or Concerned: Get Medical Advice. Call A Poison Center Or Doctor If You Feel Unwell. In Case Of Fire: Use Foam, Water Spray Or Fog. Dry Chemical, Carbon Dioxide Or Sand May Be Used For Small Fires Only. Do NOT Use Water In A Jet. STORAGE: Store Locked Up, In A Cool, Well-Ventilated Place. DISPOSAL: Dispose Of Contents To An EPA Permitted Incinerator.
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GHS02 Flammable Symbol, GHS01 Health Hazard Symbol, GHS03 Irritant Symbol
  • ANSI Z535 / OSHA
  • LEED Compliant
  • ECCN Certification
  • OSHA 1910.1200(c)
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This Diesel Fuel Oil (No. 2) GHS Sign helps in the identification of the combustible liquid diesel, diesel storage areas and diesel fuel transportation. Comply with DOT and NFPA 30 by posting signs to exterior walls or enclosures containing a means of access to a building or facility, access to a room and to the principal means of access to an exterior storage area.

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