Covid-19 PPE For Healthcare Personnel Sign D6121 by

Covid-19 PPE For Healthcare Personnel Sign

Covid-19 PPE For Healthcare Personnel Sign
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Covid-19 PPE for Healthcare Personnel; Preferred PPE - use; N95 or Higher Respirator; Face shield or goggles; N95 or higher respirator When respirators are not available, use the best available alternative, like a facemask. One pair of clean, non-sterile gloves; Isolation gown
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  • OSHA 1910.1200(c)
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Other configurations of this product are ECCN Certification and LEED Compliant.


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Keep your staff safe by posting this Covid-19 PPE For Healthcare Personnel Sign. When PPE is required in your facility, it is important to notify personnel of the hazards they face and what equipment is necessary. Most of our medical safety signs are manufactured to meet OSHA and ANSI Z535 standards and to help you stay within compliance.

New Matte Polyester with Low-Tack Adhesive

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Low-tack up to 6 months under normal interior exposure conditions and applications. Low-tack adhesive will not leave a residue when graphics are removed.

Buyer should test for his/her intended use in non-conspicuous area before installing.

This made-to-order product is manufactured on-demand to address COVID-19 signage requirements. It can be returned only if defective per our custom product return policy.

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