New Mexico Private Property Sign – F8159, State No Trespassing Signs

Custom New Mexico No Trespassing Sign

According to the New Mexico Statutes § 30-14-6, the owner of real property shall post notices to prohibit persons from trespassing or entering upon the property without permission. Signs must be printed in English, be at least 144 square inches in size, contain the name and address of the owner of the property, and include and specific prohibitions such as “no hunting,” or “no fishing” where applicable.

This New Mexico No Trespassing Sign complies with those message requirements and should be placed along the boundary of the property in a conspicuous place. Multiple sizes and material are available as well as an English and Spanish bilingual version. All Custom New Mexico No Trespassing signs require a minimum quantity of 10 signs per legend.

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Material Options

Select below from any of the material options available and look to the right to view the different price breaks for each material selected. Click the info icon to learn more about our materials and their characteristics.

MaterialVisibilityResistanceOutdoor DurabilityService TemperatureInfo
3 to 5 Years
-40° to 180° F
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Fading and Mild Chemicals
5 to 7 Years
-40° to 212° F
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Protective Overlaminate
Mounting Options

Standard mounting holes are included on each custom sign and are pre-selected below. Options for no mounting holes as well as other mounting hole arrangements are available for a small upcharge. These options carry an additional cost because they require a different production method.

Free Design Service

If you elect to use our free design service, our production team will review your design before it is printed. They will adjust the positioning and sizing of images and text to ensure that your sign or label is not only easy to read and understand but looks visually appealing as well.

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