SNAP'n SAFE Surface Mount Breakaway Anchor For Round Post
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NCHRP 350 Approved


For 8–16 gauge galvanized round posts and concrete surfaces only.

SNAP'n SAFE Surface Mount Breakaway Anchor For Round Post

For concrete surfaces only







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SNAP'n SAFE™ Round Post Surface Mount Breakaway

SNAP'n SAFE Surface Mount Breakaway Anchor For Round Post is an NCHRP 350 compliant breakaway base that is designed with a 360° shear point that will prevent the round sign post from striking and penetrating the windshield or roof of a vehicle when impacted during a collision.

After impact the upper section of the SNAP’n SAFE remains inside the post. Unfasten hardware and SNAP’n SAFE can be removed easily. Once impacted, the entire SNAP’n SAFE breakaway has to be replaced. Replacement of sign post depends on impact conditions.

The surface mount breakaway anchor is most ideal for parking lots, parking garages, and concrete medians where installing anchor posts is not suitable. We do not recommend installing on brick surfaces because they are not a permanent stable surface.

This base will mount 8–16 gauge 2-3/8” round posts to concrete surfaces only. It is not intended to be used on asphalt surfaces due to structural integrity issues with asphalt. It weighs 12 lbs. and is made of cast gray iron, 80% of which is recycled material. It can also withstand winds of up to 120 mph.

All ground mounting hardware is included with the base. A 5/16" hex key is required to tighten the set screw that secures the round post.

This SNAP'n SAFE™ Breakaway Device is made of cast gray iron, and withstands winds of 120 MPH. Made from 80% recycled materials.

  • Round post ground mount snap'n safe breakaway system unit only
  • Round post ground mount snap'n safe breakaway system on application


Installation instructions are included with every SNAP' SAFE round post surface mount breakaway device. It is recommended that this breakaway be installed on concrete surfaces only due to the strength of concrete as compared to asphalt.

Tools required
5/16″ hex-key or wrench
9/16″ socket and ratchet wrench

Installation instructions:

  1. Remove any burrs or imperfections from the inside of the 2⅜″ OD 8–16 gauge round signpost.
  2. Determine the location for the surface mount coupler. (Please note that all bolts must be at least 5 inches from all concrete edges.)
  3. Place surface mount coupler on the concrete surface and place the signpost on top of the coupler. Using a level, determine if any washers are needed under the base at the hole location to level out the signpost.
  4. Using the surface mount coupler as a template, mark the location of the three (3) holes to drill. With a ⅜ inch drill bit, drill three (3) holes at least 4½″ deep. It is not necessary to blow the holes out or clean them out.
  5. Clean off concrete surface and align the coupler with the holes. Place any necessary washers under the base as determined in Step 3.
  6. Put one (1) washer on each bolt and install the three (3) bolts. (DO NOT tighten all the way until you are certain that the base is level and all three (3) hole locations are firmly resting on the washers or concrete.)
    Note: The bolts are carbon steel and are extremely hard. They have a 3,800-pound pull-out strength.
  7. If using an 8–12 gauge post, REMOVE the sleeve on the SNAP'n SAFE coupler. Leave the sleeve in place on SNAP'n SAFE coupler for 13–16 gauge signposts.
  8. Slide the signpost over SNAP'n SAFE coupler.
  9. Align the signpost to proper orientation.
  10. Using a 5/16″ hex wrench, tighten the set screw into the SNAP'n SAFE coupler until secured.

SNAP'n SAFE Round Post Breakaway Coupler diagram



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