3ft Galvanized Square Anchor Post
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Steel conforms to ASTM A1011 Grade 50; Galvanizing meets ASTM A-653


3ft anchor post only. Top post sold separately.

3ft Galvanized Square Anchor Post

FHWA approved and compliant with AASHTO specifications






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Square Anchor Post Specifications and Installation

The square post is one of the most versatile posts in the industry and a great choice for displaying traffic signs, parking signs, and property signs. The square shape provides greater wind load capabilities and torsional stability, allows signs to be mounted on all four sides of the post, and enables each subsequent size to fit into the next smallest or larger post.

The use of a square anchor post allows the sign post to perform a breakaway function when impacted by a vehicle, as well as making more of the sign post available for sign mounting. The sections below will detail specifications and installation of square anchor posts.

These posts are 36" (3 ft.) long and are available in two widths; 2" and 2-1/4".

The 2" anchor post is to be used with 1-3/4" square sign posts, and the 2-1/4" anchor post is used with 2" square sign posts. These galvanized posts are 12 gauge and have 7/16" holes spaced 1" apart on center.

When installing the anchor post, drive the post into the ground until only 2 holes are exposed. The sign post should be installed 4" into the anchor post and secured using two corner bolts on the same plane. Two corner bolts with jam nuts are included for connecting the anchor post to the sign post.

  • Post Size Post Material Gauge Post Width Hole Size & Placement Shipping Recommended Use
    3 ft. Galvanized 12 Gauge 2″ 7/16″ dia. on 1″ centers UPS & FedEx Breakaway Anchor Post
    3 ft. Galvanized 12 Gauge 2¼″ 7/16″ dia. on 1″ centers UPS & FedEx Breakaway Anchor Post
  • 2 inch Anchor Square Post
  • 2.25 inch Anchor Square Post


The following table details the recommended installation depth for square anchor posts. SafetySign.com recommends the use of an anchor post with every post installation to increase safety in the event of a vehicle collision with the post.

  • Post Size Post Material Post Width Recommended Installation Depth Bolt Size Requirements
    3 ft. Anchor Galvanized 2″ 32″ - 34″ SafetySign.com Corner Bolts Fit 2″ and 2¼″ Anchor Posts
    3 ft. Anchor Galvanized 2¼″ 32″ - 34″ SafetySign.com Corner Bolts Fit 2″ and 2¼″ Anchor Posts

Connecting the Sign Post to the Anchor Post

  1. Insert the sign post 2 to 4″ into the anchor post.
  2. Insert one corner bolt in the corner of the post farthest from traffic and secure the bolt with the included jam nut.

Optional: A second corner bolt may be used and inserted below the first.

  • Image showing placement of corner bolt into posts
  • Image showing nut being tightened down
  • Image showing corner bolt installed



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