Drive Rivets - Y3527, Sign Mounting Hardware

Drive Rivets

Drive Rivets
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Signs mounted using drive rivets provide better torsional and windload strength.






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Drive Rivets are used as a tamper resistant installation method for mounting parking signs, property signs, and traffic signs to both 2" and 1-3/4" square posts. These particular drive rivets are aluminum with a nylon washer to protect the face of the sign and feature a 3/8" body diameter, 1" head diameter, and 5/8" body length.

Installing a drive rivet is as easy as hitting the pin with a framing hammer or sledge hammer until it is flush with the head. We also recommend installing these before you connect the sign post to your anchor post, while your sign post is laying flat on the ground. This will make the installation much easier.

Product Information


Drive Rivets

Drive rivets are the ideal hardware for the installation of signs on galvanized square posts. Their design not only allows for fast and easy installation, but also provides tamper resistance. Our drive rivets are all aluminum to withstand the elements for the life of the sign and include a nylon washer to protect the face of the sign during installation.

Drive rivets tamper resistant hardware for square posts


Tools required:

  • Hammer

Installation instructions:

  1. Place the sign on the square post where it meets your height requirement and line up the mounting holes with the holes on the post.
  2. Insert the drive rivets through the mounting holes on your sign into the post.
  3. Using a hammer, hit the drive rivet until the pin is flush with the head.
Place the drive rivet over the sign for installation
Hammer down the drive rivet to complete installation
View of the mounted sign installed with a drive rivet
Inside view of the drive rivet used for sign installation on square post



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