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Chain Link Fence Bracket For Any Size Sign

Chain Link Fence Bracket For Any Size Sign
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For signs with 3/8" mounting holes only.






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These Chain Link Fence Brackets are designed to mount any size sign or banner with 3/8" mounting holes to both 1" or 2" chain link fence. These brackets come packaged as a set of two with 5/16" bolts to mount a sign or banner.

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Chain Link Fence Brackets

These chain link fence brackets are an affordable solution for non-tamper resistant sign mounting on 1″ and 2″ chain link fencing. These brackets can accommodate signs of any size with ⅜″ mounting holes.

Tools required for installation:

  • Slotted screwdriver or ½″ socket and ratchet wrench.

Installation instructions:

  1. Remove the bolt from the bracket if necessary.
  2. Take the bracket and hold it on the inside of the chain link fence.
  3. Grab your sign and place it so the mounting hole is lined up with the hole of the bracket.
  4. Holding both the sign and bracket in place, hand tighten the bolt into the bracket.
  5. Use a slotted screwdriver or socket to finish tightening the bolt.
  6. Repeat steps for the bottom mounting hole of the sign.
Chain link fence brackets to mount signs with 2 holes at 3/8 inch diameter
Chain link fence brackets to mount 1 sign
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