Tamper Resistant Ornamental Fence Brackets - Y3500, Sign Mounting Hardware

Fits ⅝″, ¾″, 1″ Square Fence Pickets
Material Packaging Sku Quantity/Price
1–5 6–10 11+
Zamak-3 Zinc Alloy Sold in Packages of 2 - Includes 2 brackets, 4 nuts, 4 lock washers, 2 One-way "R" bolts 5/16" x 3/4" Y3500-SGO $19.95 $18.65 $17.50
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SignGuardian™ Ornamental Fence Brackets

These SignGuardian™ fence brackets are the ideal mounting method for displaying signs on ornamental type fencing. Unlike methods used in the past that require drilling and bolting through the fence pickets and damaging them, these brackets are secured using a U-bolt that wraps around the picket. Its unique design allows it to be used with ⅝″, ¾″, and 1″ ornamental fence pickets, and the included 1-way R bolt keeps your sign secure by helping to prevent theft.

Tools required for installation:

  1. Our Y4965 screwdriver for one-way bolts
  2. ½″ socket and ratchet wrench

Installation instructions:

  1. Take both brackets apart and lay all the pieces out.
  2. Put the U-bolt around the square picket and insert it through the holes on the bracket.
  3. Insert the lock washers over both ends of the U-bolt.
  4. Tighten the nuts down onto the U-bolt to secure the bracket to the picket.
  5. Line up the mounting hole on the sign with the bolt hole on the bracket.
  6. Hand tighten the 1-way R bolt to keep the sign in place.
  7. Use our Y4965 screwdriver with the 1-way R bit to finish tightening the bolt.
  8. Repeat steps for the bottom mounting hole of the sign.
Diagram of the fence bracket 1 inch ornamental fence bracket for sign mounting Ornamental fence bracket mounted on 1 inch fence

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