Butterfly Valve Lockout
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Butterfly Valve Lockout

Effectively locks out butterfly valves when used with our Adjustable Cable Lockouts






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Butterfly Valve Lockout

Master Lock Part# S3920. Together with our Adjustable Cable Lockout device (sold separately), this Butterfly Valve Lockout device will lock out virtually any butterfly valve. The wedge-shaped device is made of durable, lightweight Zenex™ thermoplastic material, enabling the device to be chemical resistant and perform effectively in tough environments. It also features a stainless steel rivet that allows it to smoothly pivot open and closed to ensure proper fit, and directional arrows molded into the device help minimize errors during installation.

  • Master Lock Safety Padlock Caddy C3513-S125
SafetySign.com Part #
Master Lock Part #
Fits Valve Sizes
Virtually all butterfly valves
0.10 lbs (45.3g)
Product Dimensions
Closed position: 1.32″ (33.5mm) H
Open position: 1.80″ (45.7mm) H
Max. handle width: 1.72″ (43.7mm) W
Body: PBT and PC Thermoplastic
Rivet: Stainless Steel
Temperature Range
-40° F to 200° F (-40° C to 93° C)
Chemical Resistance
Resistant to silicone oils, hexane, solvents, bleaches, dilute acetic acid and naphtha
Corrosion Resistance
ASTM F883-09 Section 11.3, Grade 6 Weathering-Corrosion Test
Product Features
Locks out valve in seconds by feeding our adjustable cable lockout device through desired eyelet and around valve neck
Durable, lightweight thermoplastic material is chemical resistant and performs effectively in extreme environments
Directional application arrows allow for ease of installation and minimize user error
Stainless steel rivet allows device to smoothly pivot open and closed to ensure proper fit
Lockout Function
Prevents unauthorized activation of the butterfly valve when used with a cable lockout device
OSHA 1910.147(b) Compliance
Capable of being locked out. An energy isolating device is capable of being locked out if it has a hasp or other means of attachment to which, or through which, a lock can be affixed, or it has a locking mechanism built into it. Other energy isolating devices are capable of being locked out, if lockout can be achieved without the need to dismantle, rebuild, or replace the energy isolating device or permanently alter its energy control capability.


  • Butterfly Valve Lockout S3920 Application

Looking for more detailed instructions?
Master Lock Butterfly Valve Lockout Instructions PDF



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