Signs for Clean Agent Fire Suppression, Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher Signage

Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Signs

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Signs

Clean agent fire suppression signs display the necessary safety information in areas using a clean agent fire extinguisher. Clean agent suppression using chemical agents or an inert gas protects the content of the room from the damage of using traditional fire suppression methods. Clean agent fire suppression system signs from meet the NFPA 2001 Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems to replace Halon. With Halon no longer in production, new clean agent fire extinguisher signs will be necessary where these systems are used, such as in data centers, museums, and hospitals. With their protective capabilities and effectiveness to minimize downtime after a fire, clean agent fire suppression in an innovative solution for extinguishing fires.

Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Signs

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