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2-3/8" Round Post Clamp / Used to mount signs with 2 holes 3/8" dia.
Use with 2-3/8" Round Post Only and Signs that have 2 holes at 3/8" dia. (Parking/Traffic/Property)
Set Includes: 2 brackets, nuts and one way bolts (to mount 1 sign)
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2-3/8'' Round Post Tamper Resistant Clamp (Includes 2 brackets, nuts and one way bolts for sign mounting)
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Post Clamp for 2-3/8" Round Posts

Attach your parking or traffic signs to any 2 3/8” post with our new SignGuardian™ Pole Clamp. This unique, patent pending, tamper resistant clamp is easy to install on any 2 3/8” post and will protect from tampering thanks to its innovative design.

  • Clamp slides easily onto a 2 3/8” pole.
  • Recessed nuts provide extra security for your sign.
  • One Way R Bolt attaches your sign directly to the clamp, hiding the nuts behind your sign!

Installation Process when Mounting PARKING or TRAFFIC Signs to a fence:

  1. Other tools required: flat head screw driver (Use Screwdriver Y4965) and socket wrench.
  2. Position and mount 1 clamp to pole (using socket wrench and the bottom of your sign as a guide).
  3. Mount sign to bracket (using flat head screwdriver)
  4. Position and mount second clamp to pole (this should be the top hole on the sign.)
  5. Mount sign to second clamp.
Round Post Clamp or Bracket Round Post Clamp or Bracket
Round Post Clamp or Bracket Traffic Sign Clamp
Traffic Sign Clamp

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