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0 Comments | Aug 12, 2013

Workplace Policy Signs and Your Employees

Are Workplace Policy Signs Enough?

Workplace regulations effectively keep both employees and visitors safe and secure in your facility. From no smoking policies to proper dress and behavior, your regulations help the business to run smoothly.

With new employees, and new regulations, teaching and repetition are useful tools in implementing your regulations. Workplace policy signs help to build this repetition by specifically outlining your policies and by always being visible to remind workers. The signs are not enough to clearly convey your messages – regular training and evaluation are the true keys to making a policy stick.

Recently a large retailer let a worker go for a breach in policy. The company has a strict policy regarding how employees treat customers, and the employee, while off the clock but on company property, became involved in an altercation with a customer. The customer had a pet locked in his vehicle, with the windows rolled up, on a hot summer day. The employee notified the police, who in the area have in the past broken open windows to save animals from dying in extreme heat.

The employee was fired a few days later and told it was because of the breach in customer service policy, but officially the company did not disclose the reason for dismissal. A situation like this calls important workplace policy procedures into question, including when exceptions to a policy should be allowed and how employees should be held accountable in such instances. Policies should also consider the role of the employee during off hours, on and off company property.

Workplace policy signs remind employees to work within safety procedures and to maintain a high level of quality work, but without quality reinforcement through training, the policies can only go so far before being met by restrictions and controversy.