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0 Comments | Jan 26, 2018

Who Owns the Road?

Do Not Enter signs usually indicate a safety risk like driving onto oncoming one-way traffic. One New Jersey town though, frustrated with traffic navigation apps directing drivers to the George Washington Bridge via local roads, has decided to try picking and choosing who is allowed to use the streets during morning and evening rush hours. Leonia, NJ residents will have to display yellow tags to let police know they are allowed on the 60 streets that fall into this category. Apps like Waze will show those streets as restricted access roadways during restricted hours.


Other towns have tried similar restrictions with mixed results. In some cases it altered the routes recommended by the apps, but other towns cited the difficulty of enforcement and difficulty determining if each car belonged in a neighborhood. While increased traffic can be frustrating to residents and presents risks in the form of obstructions that can delay emergency services, it will remain to be seen if these new restrictions are legally enforceable. Opponents believe the roadways exist for public use, and anyone should be able to access them. Once police begin issuing $200 tickets the topic will quickly move into the court system. Many cities whose roads have become navigation shortcuts will be interested in the outcome.