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0 Comments | Mar 14, 2018

When A Closed Road Doesn’t Mean Anything

If you came across a Road Closed Ahead sign, chances are you’d take a detour prior to even reaching the sign. On the other hand, if you live in Omaha, Nebraska, chances are you’d do everything except take a detour before reaching the sign – at least that’s what several drivers are doing.

One particular street in Omaha is undergoing a year-long widening project. This means that the roadway is closed for a full year’s stretch of time; however, that’s not deterring many commuters from causing even more confusion and a bit of concern.

Residents in a nearby neighborhood have reported seeing as many as 30 cars at a time driving around the road closed signs in order to make illegal U-turns. While this is a problem in and of itself, residents are more worried about dozens of cars now driving through their small community without much concern for pedestrians or children playing.

If you’re in an area where a road is closed, please heed the warning signs and figure out an alternative route ahead of time – ideally not one that cuts through a small neighborhood. Now that many Nebraskans have run into the sign, hopefully they’ll do the same.





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