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0 Comments | Mar 12, 2018

Voluntary Security Camera Registry Program

In an attempt to stave off would-be criminals and solve crimes, Police in Alameda, California launched We S.E.E. (We Share Electronic Evidence) – a new voluntary security camera registry program. The program gives officers the ability to quickly identify nearby residential and commercial property cameras to see if they have video evidence.

Alameda police said last year alone security footage helped officers investigate a “peeping tom,” package thefts, and an assault with a deadly weapon. Their hope is that crimes will continue to dwindle now that they have this voluntary system in place.

We S.E.E. only works if home owners and businesses install security cameras in the first place. However, after seeing the successful results so far, it’s likely that others will follow suit. Capturing criminals on camera is great, but for the best effect, pair your security system with security camera signs like the popular Smile! You’re On Camera sign.




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