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0 Comments | Dec 27, 2017

Utah’s Pedestrian Chalk Outlines

In an effort to reduce the number of pedestrians hit by cars and killed in Salt Lake City, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has installed unique sidewalk signs that aim to grab the attention of pedestrians.

One of the sidewalk signs reads “Your Life Is In Danger”, with each word on a separate section of the sidewalk, followed by the message “Watch For Cars. They Might Not See You”. Other areas of the city will have the familiar chalk outline that we’ve all seen in movies and on TV shows where a person was killed. , Beside that is a message depicting both sides of the situation; the pedestrian didn’t see the driver, and the driver didn’t see the pedestrian.

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The campaign also places these messages on the windows at bus stop shelters in an effort to reach out to those who walk to and from public transportation. John Gleason, a spokesman from UDOT says that “The goal here is to take people off guard. It’s not something that you’re expecting to see”. That’s important because it gives UDOT a chance to make an impact.

These signs also show that UDOT recognizes that pedestrian safety is not something reserved strictly for drivers. It’s a shared responsibility between the state, drivers, and pedestrians. The state needs to have the right equipment and signage to manage pedestrian crossings, drivers need to pay attention and always yield the right of way to pedestrians, and pedestrians need to cross at crosswalks, comply with traffic signals and signs, stay alert and always assume the driver can’t see them. Only then will we be able to reach the goal of zero pedestrian fatalities.