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0 Comments | Nov 16, 2018

Trucker Hits Two Overpasses and Loses Cargo

Here at, we like to keep things lighthearted before we go into the weekend. That’s why we often feature drivers doing absolutely asinine things, like this off-roading mailman. This week isn’t any different. Today, we have a truck driver who’s seemingly oblivious to the fact that his cargo is too large for the highway he’s on.

I want you to think about all of the times you’ve noticed the custom traffic signs warning drivers of overpass height. If the answer in your head was more than once, we can confidently say that that’s at least one more time than the driver in the video.

I preface the following statement by saying I’ve never been a trucker, but I have to imagine one of the requirements to being a driver is that you’re cognizant of your cargo. It probably also goes without saying that trucking is one of those professions where paying attention is a big part of your commute. Not only didn’t the driver notice the height requirements on the overpasses, but he apparently didn’t notice the sparks from his load scrapping against the first overpass. And while the truck survived the first encounter, the second proved too much for its payload. The force of the second impact sent the shipping container spiraling into the roadway and nearly taking out a car in the process.

Based on our limited evidence, I guess everyone should just be grateful that he stopped after losing his cargo. It wouldn’t strike me as being out of the realm of possibilities to witness him continue on as his load lays on the highway.

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