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0 Comments | Aug 14, 2017

Towns Continue to See Value in 911 Address Signs

The reflective address sign has become a staple of rural America it seems, and for good reason.  With homes scattered about the landscape and house numbers being difficult to see on mailboxes, there was a need for a better solution.  That solution is what is commonly referred to now as the 911 address sign; a large reflective sign with 3 or 4 inch numbers that shines brightly when headlights are pointed in its direction.

Many people in towns large and small across the USA are still discovering this wonderful sign. Some fire departments even sell them as a fundraising activity with the added benefit of decreasing response time during an emergency.

In Tazewell County, Virginia, The Triad program, a group of local law enforcement officials that focus on senior citizen safety, recently received a large grant to place more reflective address signs around the area.  The committee recognized that there were no street lights in their rural areas and this diminished the ability to quickly locate an address.  These new signs, which will be placed on mailboxes or along the roadway, will help emergency responders find the address faster than they previously could.





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