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0 Comments | Dec 31, 2018

The Traffic Light Tree of London

Traffic Light Tree

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Some people start the new year off with fireworks, time with friends and family, or maybe some other tradition., however, likes to start the new year off by admiring the great traffic light tree of London.

Once located in the junctions of Westferry Road, Heron Quay Bank, and Marsh Wall, this traffic light mutation was moved to Billingsgate Market (where it’s still located to this day).

For unsuspecting drivers, which is likely only tourists at this point, the 28-foot tree might be a little overwhelming and perhaps even a tad bit frightening. If roundabouts weren’t confusing enough, each of the 75 sets of lights illuminate in random order.

Pierre Vivant, the artist responsible for designing the tree in 1998, said the changing patterns of the “Traffic Light Tree” were meant to reflect the “. . . never ending rhythm of the surrounding domestic, financial and commercial activities.”

In 2005, in large part because of the tree, the roundabout won “best looking” in London and has grown to be a favorite among tourists and locals.