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0 Comments | Dec 07, 2018

The King is Back – As a Traffic Light

The Elvis Red Light

Photo Credit: DPA

As a leading manufacturer of Custom Signs, we know a thing or two about how creative people can be. But even we were a little excited to see a custom traffic light.

The western German town of Friedberg recently erected three traffic lights depicting Elvis Presley. The lights feature the singer, who died in 1977, in two different fashions: the red light shows him standing at the microphone and the green sees him with his hands up performing his signature dance.

If this sounds like a very random place to find the traffic lights, you might also be shocked to find the city also has an Elvis Presley Square, two clubs dedicated to his music, and is the home of a pilgrimage where fans lay candles, flowers, and gifts for their idol.

From October 1958 until March 1960, Presley was stationed in Friedberg while serving as a soldier in the US Army. He’s so revered that a bronze stature of the singer is also being planned for the city.

Like the upcoming statute, the city wanted to make the lights-eye catching enough to attract tourists. According to local politician Marion Götz, the initial reactions have been very positive.

So if you’re planning on travelling and you’re also a big fan of The King, maybe you can add Friedberg to the itinerary.