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0 Comments | Dec 22, 2017

The Cost of Pokemon Go

For about two months last year you couldn’t last 15 minutes without hearing “Pokemon Go.” Surely some stories were true, and some were embellished.  People walking into walls and poles. People falling off cliffs while playing.


A new study by economists at Purdue University attempts to place numbers on the damage caused by the game. Reviewing police accidents reports for just one Indiana county over the course of the game’s first five months, they estimated that Pokemon Go caused 134 accidents, almost half a million dollars in damage, 31 injuries, and two deaths.


They were particularly focused on people playing the game while driving by PokeStops, which are a sort of in-game equipment refill center. While it’s pure speculation, they estimate that expanded nationwide, the numbers could be closer to 145,000 accidents, 29,000 injuries, 256 deaths, and a cost of $2-$7 billion. Catching Pikachu just isn’t worth that.