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0 Comments | Dec 12, 2018

The City of Golf Carts

The City of Golf CartsWhat would it be like if everyone in your town traveled around in golf carts governed by 20 mph speed limit signs? Well there’s an entire town in Georgia where that exact scenario exists.¬†While it doesn’t have the largest population, Peachtree City still boasts nearly 35,000 people and an entire separate road network just for golf carts.

There are over 11,000 registered carts in Peachtree and as a result the high school designed a golf cart-specific parking lot and fast food restaurants now allow carts to use their drive-through.

These low-speed, low-carbon vehicles roam over 100 miles of cart-compatible paths that make picking up groceries, taking kids to school, and making short trips easier than navigating normal traffic.

The concept for a golf cart-centric town first started after the first golf course was built in the sixties and residents wanted a path to access the facility. From there it quickly expanded, even influencing State Legislation in 1974 to allow carts on public streets. When the roadways were flooded with carts, the town decided to design the separate road network that weaves throughout Peachtree.

Honestly, it’s a pretty great idea and one that more towns should consider. If a mayor or someone else with political clout is reading this, take note and try to convert your town. Just look at how much fun Tom Scott is having in the video below:

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