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0 Comments | Aug 05, 2013

National Stop on Red Week 2013

Don’t Run that Red

National Stop on Red Week is meant to educate us about one simple danger on the roads – running a red light. All too often we find ourselves in a rush to get to work or running late while going through our list of errands and we find ourselves at an intersection and a glaring yellow traffic signal. “I can make this,” you say, but what you should be saying is “Let’s slow down and not take unnecessary risks while driving.”

If haste makes waste, what kind of waste ensues following a traffic accident involving a car running a yellow or red light?

The National Stop on Red Week, which takes place every year during the first week of August, aims to raise awareness of this unnecessary danger at the local level. Sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration, National Stop on Red Week is a time to start campaigns that are already successful in other areas, such as supporting the use of red light cameras at intersections or starting intersection safety groups to raise both driver and political awareness of a dangerous area for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Many local police forces will monitor busy intersections where the running of red lights is common in an effort to combat the dangerous infraction. Their efforts are ultimately to start a decline in the number of red light violations. You can do your part by simply driving slower, which makes stopping for red lights easier. You can also yield or stop for pedestrians in crosswalks and make sure that roadways are clear of obstruction before continuing through.

Featured Image Photo Credit: atomicshark via Compfight cc