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0 Comments | Jan 05, 2018

Snow Parking

The east coast is coming off the first big snow storm of the year. As inconvenient as it is to dig out your car, it would be even more inconvenient to find out your car wasn’t there under the huge mound of white powder. This is a good time to make sure you’re familiar and up to date with all of the snow parking rules in your area to ensure you don’t get ticketed or, even worse, towed.


In some places, it’s pretty easy. “No Parking when road is covered in snow.” In other places though, it can be a nightmare trying to decipher the posted policies. Some towns have no parking on the side of the street with odd numbered buildings in an odd numbered year. That makes sense, except that it applies to the season starting in the odd year. So even though it’s 2018, odd year rules still apply until March. Other towns have developed complex color-coded systems and signs for parking zones. Plus, you have to remain aware of regular street cleaning/alternate-side parking rules at a time when finding a parking spot unencumbered by snow, slush, and ice can feel like winning the lottery.


No one wants to pay off a ticket, have their car towed, or find damage caused by a plow or emergency vehicle that didn’t have room to get by. Carefully read the snow related No Parking signs in your area and keep an eye on your town or city’s website for policy updates. Park safely and stay warm!