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0 Comments | Jun 27, 2018

Can A Second Hollywood Sign Help LA Traffic?

Photo via Instagram (@teejaybee85)

Recently, we published a blog post that examined the ten worst places to drive based on traffic congestion. Unsurprisingly, Los Angeles was deemed the worst city in the world. So it should come as no surprise that urban mobility is high on the list of improvements. One of these improvements, however, surprised local residents.

Dixon Resources Unlimited, a city consulting firm, recommends duplicating the famous Hollywood sign on the San Fernando Valley side of the hills. This recommendation is one of several that aims to improve safety, traffic, and tourist access near the congested Griffith Park and Hollywood sign areas.

The replica sign would give tourists more places to take photos of the sign and see it up close. This is particularly appealing to Hollywood Hills commuters because it would free up tourist traffic; something that plagues the area. Sound like a win-win for tourists and locals? Maybe, but it’s not going to happen any time soon.

Of the 29 proposed improvements, the replica sign is one of two recommendations considered not feasible. The Office of the Chief Legislative Analyst and the Department of Recreation of Parks claimed that a second sign would create more problems than it would solve. Two of these problems include a lack of parking and established trails that lead to the second sign. There’s also the belief that tourists wouldn’t visit the replica because it doesn’t hold the cultural significance of the original custom sign.

Other recommendations that were found feasible include building an aerial tram in the area and developing a more sufficient shuttle service. So although a secondary sign won’t be constructed, at least the city is moving forward with other proposed improvements. It remains to be seen whether they can provide relief to the most traffic congested city in the world.