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0 Comments | Sep 13, 2018

School Zone Safety – Nearly 200 Tickets in Two Days

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Don’t Exceed The Speed Limit

Last week we wrote about an increase in police presence near school zones. At that particular time of writing, school had just started and enforcement operations were also underway. This week, Ottawa Police Service shocked residents by revealing they handed out 187 violations over the course of two days.

The “school zone safety blitz” launched on Monday and it didn’t take long before dozens of speeders were pulled over and cited. Quite comically, one of the officers, Constable Jon Hall, uses social media to spread awareness for the safety blitz – even going so far as to reveal the location of the blitz each day. Yet, without fail, his team catches reckless drivers almost immediately.

Over the two days, they ticketed a school bus driver going 50 km/h in a 30 km/h school zone, a teacher who was caught speeding within the school zone where they work, and a parent passing through another school zone on their way to pick up their child.

While Constable Hall was making light of the situation, especially when commenting on the person he pulled over twice in a row within the same speed zone, he was also very serious about the dangers speeding poses:¬†“The responsibility lies with the community, with those drivers out there, to take ownership of road safety as an issue.¬†Take it as a societal issue and drive with care, drive with compassion and empathy.”

Even if police aren’t present in a school zone, or anywhere on the road for that matter, it is still your responsibility to drive safely and adhere to the law. Driving at an accelerated speed enhances the odds of motor-vehicle accidents.

If nothing else, the next time your foot is pressing down on the gas pedal a little too hard, think about how a speeding ticket can cost you hundreds of dollars, missed work if you go to court, and an increase in your auto insurance costs.