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0 Comments | Mar 19, 2018

Respect The Parking Ban and Avoid A Ticket

If you somehow avoided the intense, but brief, Nor’easter the other week, you should consider yourself lucky. Due to the severity of the storm, several states entered a state of emergency and enacted travel and parking bans.

In areas of the country where snow is prevalent, many townships and cities will post No Parking When Road Is Snow Covered signs along the main roadways. It might be an inconvenience for those that need to street park, but it’s actually for our benefit. The no parking ban is specifically designed for plow trucks to clear the road – thus reducing some of the dangers posed by snow.

If for no other reason, you should monitor parking bans to save yourself some money. When a ban is in effect, police enforce no parking signs by ticketing cars, followed by parking authorities alerting a local towing company to remove your vehicle. All in all, if the road is snow covered and there’s a no parking sign, it’s best to move your car elsewhere.

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