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0 Comments | Apr 18, 2018

Ratpocalypse: Detroit Braces for Impact

When highways are torn up and rebuilt, your first thought probably isn’t a storm of rats descending upon your neighborhood. However, that’s exactly the apocalyptic scenario Mayor Jim Fouts is predicting for the reconstruction of Detroit’s I-696. In the public forum, he’s asking for money and staff to deal with rodent control.

In addition to seeking funds for normal traffic control devices like Road Work Signs, Mayor Fouts is seeking rodent control funding. If his fear comes true, large hordes of rats will move north and begin terrorizing Detroit’s citizens. To combat this, a rodent control program is being constructed to eliminate or capture the pesky varmints.

Fouts has requested two full-time inspectors and a part-time employee to be deployed at ground zero. In addition to the highly specialized team of rodent assassins, he has requested that liners be installed on manholes and sewer grates to help prevent rats from moving through the sewer system.

If this proves to be the downfall of Detroit, we will update this post. Otherwise, you should assume that Mayor Fouts has successfully warded off the vile threat and is a beacon of hope for us all.




CLARIFICATION they are starting construction work on Monday but the actual shut down will be May 1 and end in November…

Posted by Jim Fouts on Thursday, April 12, 2018

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