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0 Comments | Mar 05, 2018

Pick Up, Pitch In

There’s a distinct difference between walking into a room that’s dirty and one that’s spotless and lemony fresh. A dirty workplace can disrupt morale while a clean room is uplifiting.

Think about this scenario: you walk into the breakroom and the chairs are covered in stains, the floor is sticky with month old grime, and the tables have a layer of crumbs on them. Is that a place you want to visit? It’s certainly far from a place you’d want to eat.

By having a clean work space, and in this instance a clean break room, you’re showing co-workers that you respect them and the company. It’s a simple gesture of appreciation that goes a long way. Not to mention, your working area is an extension of you and your image is at stake. So the next time you see a Help Keep This Area Clean sign, make sure you pitch in by picking up your trash.

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