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0 Comments | Dec 14, 2017

Phoenix Offers No Trespassing E-File

Phoenix police have made it easy for business owners, property owners, and winter visitors to deal with trespassers.  They are now accepting electronic submission of “Authority to Arrest” forms. These forms collect information about the property, be it a business, vacant lot, or unoccupied house, and grant the police permission to patrol the premises and arrest trespassers.


This form is only applicable if a property is vacant or outside of business hours. Additionally, No Trespassing signs meeting several criteria must be posted at all entrances and sporadically throughout the property. Signs should be:

  • At least 16” x 24”
  • Bilingual
  • Metal
  • Printed primarily in red ink on a white background


If you’re filing an Authority to Arrest form, and need the signs to match, we can definitely help. Order online or give us a call today.












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