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Facing Bullies and Violence in Schools

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According to a new report by UNICEF, 150 million teens globally reported that they’d been bullied in the past month or been in a physical altercation in just ...
Bully Free Zone Sign

Citywide Handicap Parking Abuse

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A recent investigation into handicap parking abuse in downtown Boston has lead a city leader to call for a repeal to the state law that allows drivers with ...
Massachusetts Accessible Parking Sign
Do Not Operate Without Guards in Place Label

Machine Safety Best Practices

U.S. workplace safety regulators recently cited an Idaho lumber company nearly $200,000 in penalties for exposing employees to multiple workplace safety hazards. Amongst other reasons, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited the lumber mill for failing to use machine guards on trim saws and ...
Permit Required Confined Space Sign

Fatal Shipyard Explosion Leads To $800,000 in Fines

After three employees were killed and two others were critically injured in an explosion aboard a Calvert City, Kentucky towboat, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited five contractors for safety and health violations. Collectively, the five companies received 55 violations totaling ...
Hurricane Evacuation Route Sign

Preparing for Hurricane Harvey 2.0

When you don’t live in an area affected, it’s easy to forget how devastating a natural disaster can be. Even a full year after Hurricane Harvey tormented Houston, many residents are trying to rebuild and recoup some semblance of normalcy. If it wasn’t evident before, Huston has a severe flooding problem. So last ...
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Avoid Warehouse Accidents by Targeting Overlooked Issues

While Amazon continues to make waves with their massive $5 billion second headquarters, it appears that they may be overlooking many of the people who help run day-to-day operations. Amazon, behind only Apple, is the second largest corporation in the United States and the world’s most lucrative online retailer. ...
In-Street Crosswalk Sign

Two Pedestrians Struck In Florida Crosswalk

Two pedestrians, Joseph Finnegan and Kristina Dennis of New Jersey, are recovering after being struck by a vehicle in Winter Park, Florida. According to the Florida Highway Patrol at around 3:15 a.m., Christopher Singh was driving his four-door 2005 Toyota on State Route 436. During this time, both pedestrians were ...
Honda's 150 mph Lawn Mower

Cutting Grass With Honda’s 150-MPH Lawn Mower

Courtesy of Honda UK If you’re tired of cutting the grass with your regular old 420cc powered lawn mower, Honda has something just for you. This month, Honda announced they’re looking to reclaim their land speed record for mowers by creating a monstrous 190-HP mower capable of breaking 150-MPH. So much for ...
911 Address Sign

Is Your House Marked for Emergency Responders?

In an emergency, it’s imperative that the caller’s address is easily identified from the road and under all conditions. Having a 911 Address Sign is the first step in saving lives and reducing property damage. During an emergency situation, wasting precious time looking for the proper address can be the difference ...
Dog in a car

PETA Calls for Warning Signs As Dogs Die from Heat

Every once in a while a video goes viral of a police officer or well-intentioned citizen rescuing a dog from the pits of a hot car. Many more dogs, however, suffer and die when their owners mistakenly leave them in a parked car while they run an errand. Even on days that we wouldn’t consider particularly hot, the ...
Please Don't Litter Sign

Cleaning “Filthadelphia” One Sign At A Time

Two years ago, Jim Kenney, the Mayor of Philadelphia, created the Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet to tackle its trash problem and shed the embarrassing nickname Filthadelphia. During the Cabinet’s initial campaign to clean up the city, they erected dozens of No Littering Signs across Philadelphia. This year the group ...
Eye Protection Required Sign

Why is PPE So Important for Your Workplace?

Inherently, there are a lot of risks involved when working in certain industries, such as manufacturing or construction. This is why so much time and effort is spent on training, equipping, and re-educating new and current employees. In order to further remind employees that the use of Personal Protective Equipment ...