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0 Comments | Nov 07, 2017

Oklahoma’s Left Lane Ban

Most states have a “Left Lane Law” requiring that drivers in the left lane of a multilane road should move to the right when a faster vehicle approaches. Oklahoma has taken things a step further, banning traffic from the lane completely unless passing slower vehicles. Driving in the left lane without passing other vehicles could result in a fine of $235.


A spokesman for Oklahoma’s Department of Public Safety said that some discretion will be used in handing out tickets. Drivers are probably safe in rush hour congestion. Poorly paved lanes will likely also be accepted as a reason to violate the law.  “They’re speeding and I’m going the speed limit” would not be a legitimate excuse, since it’s not the responsibility of slower drivers to control the flow of traffic. Drivers should still move to the left to avoid stranded drivers and emergency vehicles on the right shoulder, but should move back over as soon as possible.


The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has put signs about the new law up along highways and will also spread the word via digital signs statewide. Given the amount of time we spend sitting in traffic, we hope more states will expand and enforce these laws.

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