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0 Comments | Dec 19, 2018

Object Markers and Guardrails Scare This Car

The Suzuki Jimny, a staggeringly popular SUV being denied to Americans, has one large problem: when drivers are next to guardrails, concrete barriers, or object markers, the stability control kicks in and makes the vehicle difficult to operate. So, as you can imagine, this is a bit of an issue.

You can see the stability control randomly activate in the video below:

Ironically enough, the issue was identified by CarAdvice during the World Car of the Year awards. Multiple Jimnys were flown from Japan to California to take part in the voting, despite not being available in the U.S. market.

CarAdvice sent video of the glitch to Suzuki, which has announced they’re considering options on how to prevent the stability control from automatically triggering the brakes in similar situations going forward.

Although you can clearly see the steering wheel jerking back and forth when the brakes are applied in the video, Suzuki claims the braking should not dramatically impact the direction the vehicle is traveling.

Regardless, the Japanese automaker is still planning on releasing the Jimny as planned. A software update will likely come at a later point once they figure out how to correct the issue. In the meantime, maybe you should skip this SUV and go for something a little safer. . . you know, like a vehicle that isn’t actively trying to kill you

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