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0 Comments | May 07, 2018

No Trespassing in the Alligator Pit

Not that it’s ever advised, but if you’re going to trespass you probably shouldn’t do so near an alligator pit. Oddly enough, one man visiting Panama City Beach did exactly that when he chose to ignore No Trespassing Signs and wonder around ZooWorld prior to it opening.

Looking for alcohol and a “vape” his friends dropped the day before, the not so wily trespasser scaled the perimeter fence, broke into an apartment on the property, and proceeded to drunkenly stumble his way around zoo grounds. Thankfully, for his safety and the safety of the animals, the zoo’s operation manager spotted the trespasser and quickly apprehended him. She used extensive knowledge of alligator holds to take the man to the ground and pin him there until deputies arrived.

If you get a sudden urge to go to the zoo, please make sure that you do so during their hours of operation. Not only are you trespassing if you scale a fence to get onto the property, you’re doing so in vain. Most animals are put away at night, so you won’t even get the satisfaction of seeing anything interesting. You also run the risk of being put in an alligator hold.