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0 Comments | Apr 16, 2018

No Parking in the Pool

When you think of swimming pool signs your first thought probably isn’t parking related. We’re willing to guess that most people think of a No Diving sign or even a No Glass in Pool Area sign, but never a no parking sign. One Florida woman, however, could have used a reminder after she mistakenly left her car in neutral and it rolled into a public pool. Even though her husband and daughter were in the car when it happened, nobody sustained injuries.

The car took an unexpected dip in the water after the woman reportedly failed to put her Honda Civic in park and it rolled backwards into the pool. When emergency responders arrived on the scene, the car was almost fully submerged and the family already escaped from the vehicle.

There’s been no word on if the apartment complex has erected a No Parking in the Pool sign, but we will keep you updated.

Honda Civic Submerged in a Pool


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