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0 Comments | Feb 07, 2018

New Solar Panel Fire Department Signs for New Jersey

All new for 2018, is offering the Solar Panel Fire Department Signs now required in New Jersey. These new signs will help notify fire fighters of the presence of solar panels at the facility, much like truss signs which warn emergency responders of truss roof and floor structures which can be extremely dangerous.

The law for these new signs was initially proposed in 2011 and picked up steam in 2013 after a warehouse fire involving more than 7000 solar panels. In January of 2014 a bill was signed into New Jersey law (N.J.A.C. 5:70-2.21) requiring an emblem to be posted on all buildings which have, or are served by a photovoltaic system. Four years later, in January of 2018, the design requirements for this new sign were finalized and published into law enabling business owners to begin ordering signs.

These photovoltaic system warning signs require an emblem in the shape of a Maltese cross made up of a three inch diameter circle with a stroke width of one-half inch and Maltese cross wings that are one and one-eighth inches in height or width with a stroke width of one-half inch.  Signs must also have a white reflective background with red lettering. Three different legends; “PV Roof Mounted”, “PV Adjacent”, and “PV Roof Mounted and Adjacent” are available to choose from. All lettering shall be one and one-quarter inch in height with a stroke width of one-quarter inch.






The owner of the building is responsible for posting these signs.  They shall be permanently mounted to the left of the main entrance door at a height of between four and six feet above the ground and shall be maintained to ensure readability. If a truss identification sign has already been posted, this new sign shall be posted directly above the truss sign.  Detached one and two-family residential structures are exempt from the sign requirements.

In addition to the posting requirements for these signs, the owner of any residential or nonresidential structure who installed a roof mounted solar panel system must provide a written notification to the local fire official. This written notification should include the name of the property owner or owners the address of the structure where the PV system has been installed, and the year that the roof mounted solar photovoltaic system was installed. If that system serves neighboring properties they must also provide the name of the owner or owners and the address of any other adjacent structure served by the PV system.

These Solar Panel Fire Department signs will be available in our standard Engineering Grade reflective and High Intensity Prismatic reflective for those who want a sign that stands out even more when light shines on it. Order your signs today to ensure that your facility complies with the new law.