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0 Comments | Aug 09, 2013

National S’Mores Day

S’More? You Haven’t Had Any Yet!

S’mores – the simple equation of [(graham crackers) + (chocolate) + (marshmallows)] * fire = savory deliciousness.

National S’Mores Day might not be an¬†official¬†holiday, but that’s only because Congress hasn’t acted on it yet. But something silly like Congress is in no way going to stop faithful s’mores lovers from enjoying this campfire favorite all summer long, and especially every August 10th. The origin of s’mores is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, with no one rightfully knowing how it came to be or was named. Most records believe that the Campfire Girls created it and that the Girl Scouts brought s’mores their popularity. Some internet sources even claim that s’mores where brought by aliens.

Regardless of where the delicious treat came from, the important part is that we have an excuse to eat them for breakfast tomorrow! Enjoy National S’mores Day, and write your congressman to make this an official holiday. Don’t limit your intake either – the gym can wait!

The Official Number of S'mores to Be Eaten

The Official Number of S’mores to Be Eaten


Photo Credit: teenytinyturkey via Compfight cc