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0 Comments | May 25, 2018

Ireland Has A Goat Problem

Baby GoatsIreland has a goat problem. More accurately, one Irish town has a feral, sex-crazed wild goat problem.

A gaggle of wild goats are procreating at an alarming rate near the town of Ennis, leaving residents terrified. No road, no garden, and no parking lot is safe from these menacing animals. Motor-vehicles are dodging oncoming goats, greenery is being consumed voraciously, and parked cars are vandalized by the stampeding horde. It’s safe to say that if there was ever a town in need of Animal Crossing Signs, it’s Ennis.

While it’s amusing to picture uncontrollable wild goats tormenting local residents, it’s actually a large public safety concern. Sooner or later someone’s going to be hurt in a goat attack, or wind up hitting one with their car. You can only dodge so many goats before the unnoticed one steps out in front of you.

In an effort to quell the ongoing feud between human and goat, authorities are considering mass castration to stop them from spreading. In a far less horrifying gesture, they’re also willing to relocate the goats back to the desolate fields on the outskirts of town.

For their sake, we hope the goats take the latter option.



Huge frustration as Ennis in Co Clare is terrorised by group of wild goats and that are ‘procreating like no tomorrow’