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0 Comments | Jun 08, 2018

Idaho Meets Game of Thrones

game of throne street names

Boise, Idaho, home of blue football fields and soon-to-be streets named after Game of Thrones characters. If you’re a fan of the book series or the insanely popular TV show, you’ll be interested to know that a pair of residential streets are now going to be named Baratheon Avenue and Rickon Street.

The Street Signs are the brainchild of a local residential engineer and development project manager. She wanted to show her love of geek culture and so far it’s going well. A total of 17 signs based on Game of Thrones characters are in the works with others being planned. While she was initially worried that the names would be rejected, the committee liked them so much that they approved street signs named after another nerdy classic: Firefly.

As to why she chose Rickon Stark (a notoriously ho hum character) to be amongst the first street signs, the 17 year engineer remarked that she wanted to save the best characters for the best streets. Hopefully the people who live on Rickon St. don’t read or watch TV.